Bits & Pieces

Verlaine Boyd

Bits & Pieces (2012), a selection of poems written by Verlaine Boyd during the past thirty years, is divided into three sections: Bits, Pieces, and Calendar Poems. The section Bits, primarily short takes, is dedicated to my good friend and publisher, the artist and poet Susan Weil, who made this all happen.

The middle section, Pieces, mostly longer works, is dedicated to my husband, the artist, Michael Boyd, who has been a great source of encouragement over the years. 

The final section, Calendar Poems, is dedicated to my good friend, the pianist and music teacher Trudy Borden. It was because of her gift to me of the Little Zen Calendar that I ended up writing a poem a day in the infamous year 2001.

A selection of poems published here  appeared previously in the journals New: American and Canadian Poetry, Road Apple Review, Northeast, Sumus, Woman’s Work, and in Seven: Close and Distant, a portfolio of prints by Joan Vennum. 

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